The Arctic Diana - Louise Arner Boyd

The knowledge she had gained on her numerous expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic became very valuable after World War II broke out. The United States government requested that she not publish a book she was writing based on her 1937 & 1938 expeditions. Instead she was sent at the head of an expedition to investigate magnetic and radio phenomena in the Arctic and in 1941 she organized an expedition for the National Bureau of Standards chartering the Effie M. Morrissey and paying for the ship and crew herself as well as for the food and supplies. The expedition and its findings were helpful in the war effort and she received an official commendation from the National Bureau of Standards for her work. During the remainder of the war Boyd worked on secret assignments for the U.S. Department of the Army. Her earlier book that had been held from publication, The Coast of Northeast Greenland, was published in 1948, after the war had ended.

In 1949 received the Department of Army Certificate of Appreciation

- Wikipedia

One of the subjects of my paper.  If I change my mind, at least I’ll have this awesome bit of history on my dash.