Bakemono Tono Headcanons - The Bishop Brothers pt1

Since I wanted to write six headcanons for six of my top choices I’m going to write 12 for the brothers.  

- Game headcanon: You actually can’t date either of them during the first play through.  You can only get an ending with one or both of the brothers if you have cleared the game.  The reason for this is because they serve as antagonists (not evil but usually on the other side of the protags goal) for a good portion of the game, so the intention is for the player to experience the “main” storyline first.

- There are three possible endings with the brothers, one with King, one with Jack, but the Good End is with both.  That means it’s much harder, because you have to keep both happy without making the other jealous.

- Since King is easier to get along with, he’s more experienced with relationships.  However, he doesn’t have that high of an emotional IQ compared to his brother, who keeps longer (but fewer) relationships.

- King is good at figuring out what makes people happy.  Jack is good at figuring out what makes people mad.  Because of that, King is more likely to accidentally piss people off without realizing it, and Jack has trouble getting people to cooperate with him.

-  They both like to hang out with Kura.  They trade stories of escaping the law, good places to get a late night meal, and hidden areas in town to get some quick shut eye.  They’ll usually run interference for the police or provide as a getaway vehicle, and in return Kura helps paint their bikes to look badass.  

-Alex will usually ride on Jack’s bike because there’s more room and it’s more comfortable, even though King will usually insist on the opposite.  After a close call, Alex buys helmets for all three of them and insists they wear it, which annoys both to no end but they comply to make Alex happy.