Bakemono Tono Headcanons - Bishop Brothers pt 2

- They have mastered almost every dance style.  If they think there’s a chance either will have a shot of getting laid, they’ll do it.  Even ballet.  

- If they’re having a conversation and they don’t want anyone to hear them, they’ll speak in latin to each other.  Sometimes they’ll look at people and talk to each other in latin to make other people uncomfortable, but they’ll really just be talking about the weather or what their plans for lunch are.

- They’ll never admit it, but the only person in town they won’t mess with is Ezael.  If there’s any indication that Ezael will be anywhere near an area, they will stay far far away.  

- Jack is trying to quit smoking as he believes it’s stunting his growth.  King will be an asshole and smoke around him anyway and always offer him a cigarette, conveniently forgetting that Jack is trying to stop.  Jack chews big red gum, or super spicy candy to help curb his cravings.

- King is a habitual gambler and will bet on anything, particularly card games.  It’s never been a problem, considering he usually wins.  Jack isn’t as lucky, but is more business savvy.  He’s the one that finds business opportunities, namely deliveries, blackmail, or shaking people down for “protection” fees.

- It’s a secret known by only a few citizens of Bakemono Tono, but they can usually be appeased with chocolate.  King prefers milk chocolate, and Jack prefers dark chocolate.